To Lam sends his people in Anti-corruption Agency in a bid to take party chief position

Currently, the “furnace” started by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong is still burning, but the fire is much different than before. Firewood is still fed into the furnace evenly, even more than before, but the process has been changed.

Previously, Trong built a 2-step process. First, Tran Cam Tu must classify the corrupt officials, before To Lam puts them in the oven. Now, this process is being gradually abolished.

From October 6, 2023, To Lam sent his brother-in-law, Major General Vu Hong Van, to the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission – where Tran Cam Tu is the Chairman. Previously, Van held the Department of Internal Political Security A03 – which is responsible for protecting state secrets.

In this regime, issues related to leadership, such as health, ethics, illegality, corruption, etc., are all classified as “national secrets.” A lot of information about the involvement of high-ranking officials has been transferred to A03 for management by the Police Department of Investigation of Crimes on Corruption, Economics, and Smuggling, under the Ministry of Public Security C03, if it is listed as secret.

Bringing Vu Hong Van to join Tran Cam Tu’s agency was a high move by To Lam. Since Vu Hong Van moved to this agency, To Lam has become even more arrogant, rubbing his face without showing any respect to the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission.

To date, at least 5 officials have been “captured alive” by To Lam while sitting in positions of power. So, what does this have to do with bringing Vu Hong Van into Tran Cam Tu’s agency?

There are opinions that, most likely, Vu Hong Van used “state secrets” – which are actually the secrets of “comrades” to control major officials. It cannot be ruled out that Vu Hong Van had some secret about his new boss, forcing Tran Cam Tu to keep silence and let To Lam do whatever he wanted. From then on, To Lam bluntly broke the process that General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong had established.

Up to now, To Lam wants to arrest anyone without going through Tran Cam Tu. Because if the person To Lam wants to arrest, but if Tran Cam Tu or Nguyen Phu Trong wants to spare, then this process will cause To Lam to lose the initiative. This means, To Lam cannot make his opponents afraid, and then, To Lam’s tool to threaten his “comrades” also loses its effectiveness.

To master the game, To Lam used “state secrets” and the right to “arrest people at will” as weapons on the political chessboard. To Lam has put a lot of effort into designing all of these things for a long time, and only today he takes action. The process of turning yourself from an obedient person to a traitor cannot be done in a day but has been planned for a long time.

Bringing Vu Hong Van to the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission is only the first step. In the next step, if To Lam succeeds in bringing Nguyen Duy Ngoc to as Head of the Central Committee’s Commission for Organization, then it seems that the “comrades” with many “secrets” will be brought into custody, and will do whatever To Lam wants.

Nguyen Phu Trong is gradually weakening, not only in health but also in political power. Previously, he had the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission and the Ministry of Public Security to coordinate, filter firewood, and then handle it smoothly, but now, this apparatus is going bankrupt. The Central Committee’s Inspection Commission has limited power, and the Ministry of Public Security works arbitrarily. The machine that created the “great stoker” brand has been derailed and is no longer under the control of the General Secretary.

On the outside, the furnace is still burning, but inside, the owner of the furnace has been usurped by someone else and is gradually taking over for him.

That is what is happening around General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. If other groups such as the Nghe An group, the Ha Tinh group, etc. do not work to save him and stop the rebels, the consequences will be “unpredictable” for them.

Thai Ha –


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