Can Army chief Phan Van Giang help General Secretary Trong control Police chief To Lam?

Since the end of 2023 until now, knowledgeable people have revealed that General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s health has declined. Recently, there have been rumors that he still has to regularly go to Military Hospital 108 for blood transfusions, and has a disease related to the pancreas.

When General Secretart Trong’s power was declining, along with his health condition being said to be not very satisfactory, immediately, the question of who would replace him as the party chief became interested more than ever.

Former Politburo member Vo Van Thuong, a young politician, is considered close to and directly mentored by General Secretary Trong. It is even projected that Thuong will hold important responsibilities in the party, including the possibility of succeeding Trong as General Secretary. But suddenly, Thuong “fell off the horse,” according to analysts, also related to Mr. Trong’s health.

Recently, the incumbent party leader’s health has declined, greatly affecting his ability to run the party and state apparatus. In particular, this is directly related to the current anti-corruption campaign. There are opinions that General Secretary Trong’s role as “conductor” in the process of “burning the furnace” is gradually decreasing. On the contrary, many signs show that Minister of Public Security To Lam is emerging as the “commander in chief” in the party’s anti-corruption work, at this time.

The fact that Trong could not protect him, and had to accept Thuong’s removal from the position of State President, showed that Trong’s power had decreased significantly.

In the current context, many signs show that police chief To Lam not only built a system for himself in the Ministry of Public Security, but also aggressively acquired and interfered in the party’s apparatus – a place that was originally a monopoly of Trong.

In the case of Major General Vu Hong Van – Director of the Department of Internal Political Security, who is said to be Lam’s brother-in-law, at the 8th Plenum, he was additionally elected to the Central Committee’s Commission for Inspection, which is a proof.

According to regulations, the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission is responsible for organizing and carrying out inspection, supervision and discipline of the party. In fact, according to observers, this agency has great power. Don’t forget, Lam has a very close relationship with Tran Cam Tu, chairman of this commission.

Furthermore, Minister Lam’s close and undisguised connection with the Beijing leadership recently forced Trong to change his view on the successor to the position of General Secretary, to be drastic and strict.

At the first meeting of the Human Resources Subcommission of the 14th National Congress, held on March 13 in Hanoi, General Secretary Trong held the hand of Prime Minister Pham Minh with a considerate attitude, not the hand of Vuong Dinh Hue or Vo Van Thuong. This is an anomaly.

In the race for the position of General Secretary at the 14th National Congress, among the candidates, PM Chinh did not seem interested, for many reasons. Especially his scandalous relationship with Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan from Advanced International Co. (AIC). Previously, General Secretary Trong wanted to take advantage of this relationship and Nhan’s illegal business to eliminate Chinh, declaring that Nhan “couldn’t hide forever.”

This makes the public question, why did Lam not directly help Trong handle Nhan’s (AIC) case? What does it have to do with the relationship between PM Chinh and former government leader Nguyen Tan Dung? Because Chinh is considered a trusted henchman of the latter. Meanwhile, Lam is also very “gracious” to Senior Lieutenant General, former Deputy Minister of Public Security Nguyen Van Huong, another close disciple of Dung. And is there an alliance between the two police Generals – Lam and Chinh – with Dung behind them?

The fact that Lam opened too many fronts, attacking most potential candidates for the position of General Secretary, unintentionally forced other individuals and groups to unite in response.

That is why, recently, there have been opinions that perhaps, General Secretary Trong will propose to include General Phan Van Giang, Minister of Defense, in the list of candidates for the position of General Secretary. Giang has the advantage of receiving support from the majority of Politburo members.

In particular, Minister Giang is considered a highly reputable figure, and at the same time, the Defense Ministry is the only agency capable of restraining Lam’s ambitions at this time.


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